Clothing By Carol


Hand Painted Clothing

Artist Carol Phillipson
Painted Clothing – started in 2010 

Fabric Artist Carol Phillipson doesn’t sew clothes, she paints them.  She has sold her cotton, rayon and sometimes silk clothing at the Saturday Artisan and Crafters Market as well as the Grower’ Market, both located in Grants Pass, Oregon.  

It is a labor-intensive process but for Carol one filled with the passion of creating art.  She only makes about 4 items at a time.  She first soaks the items so they will hold the dye better.  Then she picks out her colors, a full rainbow for her to play with.  Carol has an array of tools that she uses to apply the dye.  Foam brushes, spray bottles, spatula, eye dropper and even a hypodermic needle all play a part in her creations.  The clothing is hung to dry.  Once dry, the clothing then gets a bath in a fixative.  This sets the dye to the fabric. Now is the long process of rinsing the clothing.  There can be three or four rinses before the clothing is again hung to dry. Each item is then carefully steamed and prepared for sale.  Carol is truly a one of kind artist.