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This sweet bag was created for a local high school as a giveaway. This is a small
sample of the items that TLC Creations makes locally. In the bag is an
embroidered polo, sublimated golf towel, a set of sublimated hot pads, 15 oz
coffee mug, 17 oz cola style water bottle, sports bottle with pop up straw, and
two phone grips for cell phones. Even the bag was printed by TLC Creations
About the process –
The Golf towel, hot pads, coffee mug, Cola Bottle, sports bottle with pop up straw
and the phone grips are all done with a process that is called sublimation. What is
sublimation? It is a process where art meets science. Using a special printer and
ink, the image is printed onto sublimation paper. The image is then placed on
the item being decorated. Heat and pressure is applied by using a heat press or a
mug press. When the ink is super-heated it turns into a gas and adheres to
anything that has a polyester coating. All of the items are manufactured with the
polyester coating, allowing them to be sublimated. The beauty of this process is
that they items are washable, and you can’t feel the design.